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Balasubramanyam Pattath: “Three Essays in Development Economics.”

Lehua Jin: “Three Essays in Development Economics.”

Rui Ma: “Innovation in China.”

Zhubin Chen: “Health Expenditure Stagnation and Social Transfer Constraint.” linkedin

Pinyi Chen: “Product Differentiation of Chinese Tobacco Industry from a Political Economy Perspective.”

Carlos Galian Barrueco: “Essays on Social Protection and Informality.” linkedin

Hamidreza Bakhtiarizadeh: “Cash Transfer, Consumption and Saving.” linkedin

Dante Gerardo Sanchez Torres: “Impact Evaluation of the 2013 Educational Reform in Mexico.”

Donika Limani: “Three Essays on Development Economics.”

Maria Kamran: “Essays on Fertility and Women’s Welfare.”

Rami Alazzeh: “The Impact of Israeli Occupation on the Palestinian Economy, Prospects of Development and Aid Effectiveness Under Occupation.”

Enrico Nano (co-directed with M. Viarengo): “Essays in Development Economics.”

Mhamed Ben Salah: “Do Tunisian Schools Educate Children?” twitter

Shijie Yang: “Left Behind Children: the Future Rural and Urban Gap in China.” linkedin

Jean-Louis Arcand
Jean-Louis Arcand
Professor of Economics

My research interests include development economics, impact evaluation and nutrition and health.